“Don’t Mess with Mr. Inbetween” (Part I)

This series of short articles has focused on areas where:

  1. I thought I was being a nice guy, but instead realized I was wasting my time – and everybody’s time.  Solution: a simple sentence I could spout immediately!
  2. I was caught in a dilemma.  Solution:  no solution yet (meaning the issue remains on the table).

I thought I was a very honest person.  I am!  But this isn’t about honesty – but instead transparency (I think).  Where else do my words violate this oath of transparency?

Sadly, it didn’t take me long:

Do you want to go out for dinner?It doesn’t matter to me.
What are you hungry for?Anything!
What time should we leave?I’m wide open!
Do you want to drive, or should I?Either way is fine with me!
Booth or table?You choose.

It’s true many times I don’t care or am indifferent, but all the time?  Surely I have a preference one way or the other!  If so, why don’t I speak up, either in favor of a plan – or opposed to a plan?  Again, silence (or indifference) IS NOT GOLDEN!


Make a note of each time you express indifference to a request.  Just one day.  ONE.  My list for today, Monday August 8, is up to 12.  Unbelievable!  Stay tuned for Part II on what we can do to reverse course of Mr. Inbetween!