You are the whole works.

Men that investigate my coaching practice usually want to know what I have to offer and how we will work together.

I offer men help and guidance on how to free themselves from the hang-ups (stumbling blocks) that keep them from being authentic with themselves and others.

A man that cannot be authentic is not available for a great relationship. It won’t work and it can’t be faked. A good woman with something to offer won’t waste her time with man who cannot fully meet her as an equal in the relationship.

The work is iterative:

  1. We identify a particular hang up or stumbling block.
  2. We discuss it and map out how it might be overcome.
  3. The man does the work to overcome it.
  4. We review how it went and course-correct as required.
  5. We go back to Step 1.

The man has to do the hard work himself. Only he can walk his path in life. No one else can walk it for him.

It’s the actual practice that matters. Helping a man to get out of his head is critical. More thinking is not going to solve the problem. He already has enough information. He needs to move on it.

As these stumbling blocks are removed a man becomes more and more authentic. As he becomes more authentic, he becomes more relaxed in the world. As he becomes more authentic and more relaxed, he becomes more available for all that life has to offer.

The video linked here is a short talk by Alan Watts that was set to music after his death. I invite you to listen to it when you are not rushed and will take some time to linger over the words:

The Late Alan Watts on “Tat Tvam Asi”