Say Good-bye to “Mr. Inbetween”

“Don’t mess with Mr. Inbetween” was the general thought of our last post.  Who exactly is Mr. Inbetween?  It’s the person who says “it doesn’t matter”, “I don’t care”, “I’ll do whatever”, etc.

If you don’t care, and we are going somewhere, who makes the choice?  Certainly not you!

What if it WAS up to you?  Where should we go to eat?  And what do you recommend?

Let’s make that today’s lesson: There’s a new co-worker and they’re hungry.  They’re new in town, so they don’t know where to go.  You’ve worked there 5 years (and lived there twice that long) so “I don’t know” and “I don’t care” aren’t viable options.  What would you say – specifically?  And if you have a specific restaurant, it’s for a reason:  because you really like ____.”  

CLOSING THOUGHTS on “Mr. Inbetween”. 

You may think you “don’t care”, but what do you say when things go wrong?  “It wasn’t my idea!”  “Don’t look at me!”

Where else in your life do you tacitly turn over control to someone else? Directions? “Should I go left or right?” Parking? “Where did I park again?” You can only delegate if someone else is there. If they WEREN’T there, it’s just you. Contribute your own story here!